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The spyne.protocol.xml package contains an xml-based protocol that serializes python objects to xml using Xml Schema conventions.

exception spyne.protocol.xml._base.SchemaValidationError(faultstring)[source]

Bases: spyne.model.fault.Fault

Raised when the input stream could not be validated by the Xml Schema.

class spyne.protocol.xml._base.XmlDocument(app=None, validator=None, xml_declaration=True, cleanup_namespaces=False)[source]

Bases: spyne.protocol._base.ProtocolBase

The Xml Schema serialization protocol.

See the following material for more (much much more!) information.

  • app – The owner application instance.
  • validator – One of (None, ‘soft’, ‘lxml’, ‘schema’, ProtocolBase.SOFT_VALIDATION, XmlDocument.SCHEMA_VALIDATION).
  • xml_declaration – Whether to add xml_declaration to the responses Default is ‘True’.
  • cleanup_namespaces – Whether to add clean up namespace declarations in the response document. Default is ‘False’.

alias of Schema

allowed_http_verbs = set(['POST', 'GET'])
create_in_document(ctx, charset=None)[source]

Uses the iterable of string fragments in ctx.in_string to set ctx.in_document.

create_out_string(ctx, charset=None)[source]

Sets an iterable of string fragments to ctx.out_string

decompose_incoming_envelope(ctx, message)[source]
deserialize(ctx, message)[source]

Takes a MethodContext instance and a string containing ONE root xml tag.

Returns the corresponding native python object

Not meant to be overridden.

from_element(cls, element)[source]
mime_type = 'text/xml'
serialize(ctx, message)[source]

Uses ctx.out_object, ctx.out_header or ctx.out_error to set ctx.out_body_doc, ctx.out_header_doc and ctx.out_document as an lxml.etree._Element instance.

Not meant to be overridden.

to_parent_element(cls, value, tns, parent_elt, *args, **kwargs)[source]
validate_body(ctx, message)[source]

Sets ctx.method_request_string and calls generate_contexts() for validation.


DEPRECATED. Use spyne.protocol.xml.XmlDocument instead

alias of XmlDocument