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The spyne.protocol.json package contains the Json-related protocols. Currently, only spyne.protocol.json.JsonDocument is supported.

Initially released in 2.8.0-rc.

This module is EXPERIMENTAL. You may not recognize the code here next time you look at it.

class spyne.protocol.json.JsonDocument(app=None, validator=None, mime_type=None, skip_depth=0)[source]

Bases: spyne.protocol.dictobj.DictDocument

An implementation of the json protocol that uses simplejson package when available, json package otherwise.

create_in_document(ctx, in_string_encoding=None)[source]

Sets ctx.in_document using ctx.in_string.

create_out_string(ctx, out_string_encoding='utf8')[source]

Sets ctx.out_string using ctx.out_document.


DEPRECATED. Use spyne.protocol.json.JsonDocument instead

alias of JsonDocument