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Persisting Objects

This module is DEPRECATED. Create your own TableModel using spyne.model.complex.TTableModel()

Here’s an example way of using the spyne.model.table.TableModel:

class User(TableModel, DeclarativeBase):
    __namespace__ = 'spyne.examples.user_manager'
    __tablename__ = 'spyne_user'

    user_id = Column(sqlalchemy.Integer, primary_key=True)
    user_name = Column(sqlalchemy.String(256))
    first_name = Column(sqlalchemy.String(256))
    last_name = Column(sqlalchemy.String(256))

Defined this way, SQLAlchemy objects are regular Spyne objects that can be used anywhere the regular Spyne types go. The definition for the User object is quite similar to vanilla SQLAlchemy declarative syntax, save for two elements:

  1. The object also bases on spyne.model.table.TableModel, which bridges SQLAlchemy and Spyne types.
  2. It has a namespace declaration, which is just so the service looks good on wsdl.

The SQLAlchemy integration is far from perfect at the moment:

  • SQL constraints are not reflected to the interface document.
  • It’s not possible to define additional constraints for the Spyne schema.
  • Object attributes defined by mechanisms other than Column and limited uses of relationship (no string arguments) are not supported.

If you need any of the above features, you need to separate the Spyne and SQLAlchemy object definitions.

Spyne makes it easy (to an extent) with the following syntax:

class AlternativeUser(TableModel, DeclarativeBase):
    __namespace__ = 'spyne.examples.user_manager'
    __table__ = User.__table__

Here, The AlternativeUser object is automatically populated using columns from the table definition.

class spyne.model.table.TableModel(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: spyne.model.complex.ComplexModelBase

The main base class for complex types shared by both SQLAlchemy and spyne. Classes that inherit from this class should also inherit from an sqlalchemy.declarative base class. See the SQLAlchemy Integration section for more info.

class spyne.model.table.TableModelMeta(classname, bases, dict_)[source]

Bases: sqlalchemy.ext.declarative.api.DeclarativeMeta, spyne.model.complex.ComplexModelMeta

This class uses the information in class definition dictionary to build the _type_info dictionary that spyne relies on. It otherwise leaves SQLAlchemy and its information alone.